Hamara Lakshya Apki Aur..

About Our Business

Riding on the strong wave of customer confidence and the business associates openly endorsing one of the hallmark event in such a short span of time, The experienced and visionary Management at omm developers has provided strong leadership to its workforce who all passionately fell forwards contributing to the overall development of the business. Beside we have a very inspiring and rewarding commission structure which is the best in the nindustry, motivating and invigorating the sales force. The business also has a vast franchisee network consisting of real estate ogents/ brokers, providing it better reach and visibility

Message for the Chairman

Omm Developers is a group founded on a vision which seeks to usher in better tomorrow by providing people with improved , affotrdable housing solution and safer investment options. In the recent years, we have grown at and outstanding pace that justifies out business model and our right belief in our core values which are thoroughly breed into providing content and the employees alike. Powered by its omvogprating growth and guided by its long term vision, the company is increasingly looking to diversify itself into various sectors. Omm developers is a company with difference in Real Estate for the first time every many innovative things and designs have been strateglesed and Implemented. Frist time in Real Estate different model of distribution channel have been set which many companies are trying to replicate how, this model tries to create a long term association between company and associates.

The company is in making and we are very sure by 2020 Omm Developers will be a major player in Real Estate, Building

Our Vision

To enhance the wealth of stakeholders, partners , employees and customers.

Our Mission

To create innovate and replicate the best practices in the real estate industry for sustainable business process for customer delight and satisfaction.

Our project takes advantage of natural material wherever possible a thoughtfully designed sustainable space can protect both environment and fianance resources.

From college student to senior citizen, families and corporate executives, we take pride in analyzing and understanding needs of every end user, along with their developoment compact on environment.